Aloe polyphylla 'Spiral Aloe'
Aloe polyphylla 'Spiral Aloe'
Aloe polyphylla 'Spiral Aloe'
Aloe polyphylla 'Spiral Aloe'

Aloe polyphylla 'Spiral Aloe'

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Picture 1. is an example of Aloe polyphylla 'Spiral Aloe' at maturity. You will receive plants similar to what is pictured in picture 2

Family: Asphodelaceae

Botanical Name: Aloe polyphylla

Common Names: Spiral Aloekroonaalwyn in Afrikaans, or lekhala kharatsa in Sesotho

Origin: Lesotho (South Africa)

Arguably one of the most sought after Aloe varieties due to its incredibly unique leaf growth, the Aloe polyphylla is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating plants you could add to your collection. Aloe polyphylla leaves mature into a perfect geometric spiral pattern either clockwise or anticlockwise leaving an enthralling display of geometric foliage. Being incredibly hardy to cold temperatures as well as resistant to sunlight, the Spiral Aloe is the perfect addition to any rock beds, well-drained containers or large sandy gardens.

Mature plants can reach 30cm (1ft) tall, and 60cm+ (2ft) wide


Pot size: 130mm pot

Height: 10cm 

You will receive a plant as similar as possible to what is pictured in picture 2

Succulent plants change colour due to varying seasons, climate, and sun exposure. To get the most vibrancy out of your plants, place in a well-lit area. 

All plants are sent bare-rooted


 Our plants are grown strong and hardy under Tropical North Queensland sun and rain❤