Shipping Policy & FAQs

We ship anywhere within the following states:

Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia.

We also ship to Tasmania, Northern Territory, Western Australia with the appropriate concierge. If you are purchasing from one of these quarantined states, it is your FULL responsibility to ensure the appropriate service has been arranged between you and the concierge providers you choose.

You must inform us of any orders that will be going through concierge so we can take the appropriate course of action before they reach the concierge provider.

We take no responsibility for the handling, transportation and damages incurred once it arrives at concierge facilities.


If you have any issues concerning postage please contact our shipping team via email

If you have any issues with your received order, you must contact us within 48hours to resolve the issue.


How will my plant/s be shipped?

All plants are shipped bare-rooted unless specified otherwise. The established root systems are wrapped/covered by sphagnum moss and enclosed in a bag with tape to ensure the contents do not emerge during transportation. The plants are then cushioned in tissue paper and shredded paper to ensure full comfort and safety during your plants journey to their new home. Orders are sent in recycled cardboard boxes appropriately sized for their safe journey home

Despite the utmost care we take to ensure our plant/s are packaged well for their journey, on occasions, some damage may occur during transit that is beyond our control. We hope you understand that most plants travel well but it is not unusual for certain species to be more sensitive to postage than others. Please be sure that you have researched the appropriate information and care relevant to your plants and climate.


Will I receive the exact plant pictured in the product photo?

Usually our first product photos are examples of either more mature, established plants or of the mother plant in which the stock has been propagated from. We include photos of the exact plants or exact identicals of what you will receive in each listing, and within the product description you can find information regarding which photos represent the ones closest to what will be received (for e.g. photos 1-4 show plants identical to what will be received). It is incredibly time consuming continually taking photos of each individual plant so we save time and confusion by showcasing it this way.

Usually plants sent to customers are often bigger or fuller than what we have shown in the product photo but on occasions, they may be slightly smaller or have less leaves, but generally within a very small margin of difference to what is stated in the product description. This is only due to the nature of plants and their growth, as all plant parents know, plants are constantly growing and changing.


Why aren't my plants perfect in appearance?

NQ TROPICULTURE is a small nursery focusing on both retail and wholesale operations. As we don't currently operate climate controlled greenhouses due to the heavy expense they demand, our plants are home grown in upcycled greenhouses that we have sourced and created over the years.

Due to the nature of operating a nursery in the volatile and ever changing weather of Tropical North Queensland, our plants can occasionally incur slight damages and blemishes. This is not generally a consistent thing and plants are selected out to be as close to perfect as possible, however the nature of outdoors and organic* operations entails the occasional nick or blemish.

We try to run our nursery as organically as possible to prevent personal and environmental exposure to unnecessary chemicals and toxins. Although pests and creatures are handled as efficiently and organically as possible, we cannot guarantee that minor blemishes from weathering and environmental circumstances may not occur.

We do not offer any refunds for minor blemishes incurred as well as for stress or damage to plants sustained during transit. Postage Insurance is available for an additional fee. For more information on this, please read further onto our shipping policy.

Do you offer refunds?

We only offer refunds under certain circumstances.

- If you wish to cancel your order before it is packaged and posted, we can process a refund for you.

- We cannot process a refund for you after your plant has shipped.

- Australia Post has an insurance option available for parcels of value. If you wish to receive shipping insurance so that in the event of damage or loss of your parcel occurs during transit, Australia Post will be fully responsible for reimbursing your loss through the selected insurance.

Refunds are NOT ELIGIBLE for damaged plants, delayed orders or lost parcels. If insurance has not been selected, then we cannot help you in the event of postage damage or loss. Once the plant/s leave our facilities, the package is no longer in our hands, therefore it is not our responsibility for any damage or loss that may occur during transit.

On very certain occasions we may give refunds for other reasons. If you have any issues with your order please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email and we will do what we can to help you


What do I do if my plants are damaged or my parcel hasn't arrived?

Unfortunately we are unable to take responsibility for damages incurred during transportation with our selected carriers. Insurance is available at an additional fee for all orders and is included in the postage selection section during the checkout process on our website.

When will I receive my plants?

We post all orders on Mondays. This is to prevent your plants from likely getting caught in transit over the weekend and spending more time than necessary in postage. We occasionally send plants on Tuesdays to locations nearer metro areas or closer to our facilities in QLD.

From experience, orders being shipped to locations closer to metro areas will arrive within 1-4 business days. For more rural and remote areas, your order can take anywhere between 2-7 business days to arrive.

Tracking information is sent to your provided email upon postage, where you can keep track of your parcels progress and find further information in regards to Australia Post's services.

If you have any postage requests or wish us to delay posting your order, please reach out to us


What do I do when my plant arrives?

Gently unbox the plant/s as soon as possible after they arrive and ensure the roots are kept moist by placing in water until you are ready to pot up in an appropriate soil mix


* Not certified