Close up of Calathea zebrina pattern and texture
Mature, established Calathea zebrina from above
Mature, established Calathea zebrina leaf with hand from above
Small Calathea zebrina from above
Large Calathea zebrina in pot with multiple pups
Calathea zebrina from above with black background
Calathea zebrina plant being held in front of black background
Calathea zebrina for sale australia
Calathea zebrina for sale australia

Pack of Calathea zebrina x 3

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Family: Marantaceae

Botanical Name: Calathea zebrina var. humilior

Common Names: The Zebra Plant

Origin: South America

Calathea zebrina is yet another Marantaceae species that definitely does not disappoint when it comes to colour and contrast. This variety grows long, striped leaves that are held horizontally when mature. The underside of the leaves shows a purple hue, darkening as the plant matures. This new addition to your plant family suits any well-lit corner and brings life and vibrancy to any room.

Mature plants can reach 1m (3.2ft) tall, and 1m+ (3.2ft) wide

Very beautifully established plants with multiple pups
Pot size: 200mm pot

Height: Approx 45cm

You will receive three established plants as similar as possible to what is pictured in picture 2

All plants are sent bare-rooted


Our plants are grown strong and hardy under Tropical North Queensland sun and rain❤