Established Cissus dicolor vine in hanging pot
Close up of established Cissus dicolor vine Rex Begonia
Purple leaf underside close up with hand for size reference
Large Cissus discolor Rex Begonia leaf underside
Cissus discolor rex begonia vine established in a hanging pot
Rex Begonia Cissus discolor vine in a hanging pot

Cissus discolor aka Rex Begonia vine

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Family: Vitaceae

Botanical Name: Cissus discolor

Common Names: Rex Begonia Vine

Origin: Central and South America

Vine-like growing habit (plants are metres in length so may cuttings are available)

Although the leaves resemble a Rex begonia, this plant is actually a member of the grape family. The green narrowly heart shaped leaves are marked with silver variegation. The stems are red and the underside of the leaves are burgundy, combining to make a colorful addition to your indoor garden.

Small: 110mm pot

Medium: 140mm pot

Large: 175mm pot 

Length: 20-30cm approximately

All plants are sent bare-rooted


Our plants are grown strong and hardy under Tropical North Queensland sun and rain❤