Two bright red Echeveria Mauna Loa being held in front of a Alocasia
Tray of Echeveria Mauna Loa
Large Echeveria Mauna Loa
Echeveria Mauna Loa
Echeveria Mauna Loa

Echeveria 'Mauna Loa'

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Succulent plants are very hardy and require a lot less care than most other plant species.. Add this succulent to your collection today or surprise someone with a living gift!

You will receive plants similar to what is pictured

Succulent plants change colour due to varying seasons, climate and sun exposure. To get the most vibrancy out of your plants place in a well-lit area. A more detailed care sheet will be included with your plants.

MEASUREMENTS: (grown in)

Small: 35mm pot

Medium: 75mm pot

Large: 100mm - 125mm pot

Extra Large: 150mm - 200mm pot


Orders posted between Monday and Wednesday.

We take care in packaging your plants delicately to ensure your plants are in safest condition when travelling to their new homes! Please ensure that you can receive plants within your state/country. We will not be responsible if they are held up or confiscated in the customs.

At NQ TROPICULTURE we are plant obsessed and take pride in our increasing, diverse nursery range. All plants are grown with TLC and to their optimum potential. Your plants will adore their new home and can be repotted into planter dishes, hanging pots or involved in D.I.Y projects.

 Our succulents are grown strong and hardy under Far North Queensland sun and rain.